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Book Marketing

The Book Marketing Boot Camp is broken up into 12 sessions of easy-to-watch videos totalling 154.16 minutes, just over 2 and a half hours of learning how to manage your book marketing!

What You Will Learn

Promoting and Marketing Your Books Boot Camp will show you:

  • Book Marketing Before, During and After A Book Launch
  • What to do while you're writing your book
  • How to set up various book marketing activities you'll need at the various stages of marketing your book
  • How to build a list of reader subscribers long before your book is ready
  • What to do when you launch your book
  • How to get a buzz going among your new subscribers
  • How to tap into Amazon, so they help you market your book
  • How to work with other authors to find new readers
  • How to engage with these new readers, so they tell others about your book
  • How to keep the sales momentum going and get into the bestseller charts
  • All the steps needed to make your book a success, from the day you start writing!

WARNING ALERT: Be prepared to be rammed with actions! There are more than 100 activities to be crammed into this intensive five-session Boot Camp. You don't have to do them all, but as with everything in life, doing something as you learn it is always the best way. No pressure will be put on you, but if you're up for fast learning, this 'Create A Writer's Platform' Boot Camp will enhance your writing career in leaps and bounds.

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TikTok Training for Authors

TikTok is now officially the secret weapon for writers and authors to sell books! Find out how authors are going viral with BookTok. TikTok helped fuel the largest year for book sales in over 15 years.

US readers alone bought over 821,000,000 print books in 2021 and that is largely due to the sub-community called BookTok.

Our TikTok trainer built her BookTok following to more than 130K in a year while she was writing her book. You can do the same! More about our trainer when you join the course, and you will get to meet her under our monthly mentorship options. We can't wait to share this TikTok Training Course with you.

You will have the chance to see:

  • how to set up a TikTok account
  • how to use it to grow a platform of followers
  • what kind of video content to post on TikTok or Book TOK
  • plus, how to get ideas to have your videos go viral.

Authors can also select TikTok Monthly Mentorships, but there are limited places available, so hurry to grab your seat!

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Boot Camp on how to adapt books to screenplays

Book Adaptation Coming Soon!

Learn how to adapt your book into a screenplay with our Book Adaptation To Screenplay Boot Camp.

If you are preparing to enter the 2022 Screenplay Award or for any other screenwriting contest or screenplay award with a book adaptation, you need to ensure you have several crucial elements in place so the reader-judges will be hooked on your submission and award you top marks. And possibly even option your book adaptation to produce your story as a film.

Join our Book Adaptation To Screenplay Boot Camp, which will be run as a Virtual Writing Retreat over five consecutive days.

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  • TikTok Training for Authors
  • Book Marketing for Authors Boot Camp, which covers12 training sessions
  • Character Creation Workshops
  • Book Adaptation Boot Camp

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