Use Author Albums
To Promote Your Books

Sharing images helps to promote your book!

Readers love knowing what is going on in a writer's head when they write their books. Here's a unique book marketing and book promotion idea for authors. Share your book's imagery with our readers.

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Author Albums available on Bronze, Silver and Gold Author Packages.
 author albums help to promote your books

Album Ideas


Tell readers how you imagine your characters to look.

Share Settings

Immerse readers in your settings with imagery.


Notes and research images get readers more involved.


Share images that inspired you when writing your books.

Who Has Access To Author Albums?

Author's with a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Author Package will have access to add their author albums.

Jan Foster, author of the Naturae series, said:

I think Book Luver's Author Albums are a unique feature. Once I got into the swing of adding my images, I enjoyed doing it! And I’m chuffed it appears underneath the books, that’s a really cool idea!

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